Week 3/4

The past couple of weeks have involved getting more familiar with with the NXT and the NXT-G software (used for programming the NXT). I have also been working on the tasks for the first day of the event.

The NXT-G software isn’t the most intuitive software to use. It seems difficult to do the most tasks (for me that is).

The tasks for day1 consist of getting the participant implement simple behaviors such as obstacle avoidance and line following. Each section will include “Extra” for the participant to try if they finish ahead of time. most of the tasks for day1 have been completed, and it is now just a matter of completing the tutorials for each section.

I was also able to find a handy tool that generate build instructions for a large variety of Lego kits, including the Lego Minstrom kit.

This can be found at http://ldd.lego.com/

The task currently only involve programming with the NXT-G software. We are also aiming to get some tasks that will involve C# programming into the first day.

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